In keeping with our mission, Children of Ma primarily supports Ma Sharanam Ashram and School, located on the banks of the Narmada River near Maheshwar, India.

About Ma Sharanam Ashram
and School

Ma Sharanam, which means “in the shelter of Ma,” was founded by Swami Gurusharanananda in 2015.  The school has been growing rapidly since the classroom doors opened in July of that year. Boys and girls from neighboring villages are enrolled in grades 1-8, and the Hostel at Ma Sharanam also offers a home to around 30 boys of all ages who are otherwise without family or housing.

Many of the local children have never before received formal schooling  or learned to write their own names. Ma Sharanam responds to a deep need for investment in the future of these children, giving them the opportunity to grow academically and spiritually.

In keeping with Ma Anandamayi’s extension of compassion and spiritual nurturance to all, regardless of caste, and particularly to children, Ma Sharanam is a refuge for children of all castes. The ashram and school help provide for their basic material needs in addition to offering a loving community in which all may flourish and contribute, as well as the opportunity to strive for academic excellence and to create new possibilities in their own lives.

Your contributions to Children of Ma, which is an all-volunteer organization,  will go directly to Ma Sharanam in support of all of this good work. The next few years will see the addition of grades 9, 10, 11 and 12, in addition to the completion of ashram and school facilities.

Please visit www.masharanam.org for more information or to learn about opportunities for seva or spiritual retreat at Ma Sharanam.

About Swami Gurusharanananda

In addition to directing Ma Sharanam school and ashram, Swami Gurusharananda travels frequently to Europe and the US playing traditional village kirtan, teaching Swakriya Yoga, and offering Ma’s teachings.  He has an MA in Philosophy and a PhD in interpretation of the Upanishads (Indian Scriptures). Prior to founding Ma Sharanam, Swamiji was the director of the Ma Anandamayi ashram and school in Omkareshwar for many years.

Swamiji has a site about Swakriya Yoga, the gentle, unifying form of yoga based on Ma’s teachings. Swakriyayoga.org

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