Some board members and friends under the Banyan tree. India, 2014 and 2015.

Our Mission Statement

Children of Ma Anandamayi Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to support women and children who are impoverished and lacking opportunities for advancement. Children of Ma funds projects that provide these women and children with basic necessities and a quality education guided by the teachings of India’s great saint, Sri Ma Anandamayi.


More About Children of Ma Foundation

Founded in California, Children of Ma has grown to be a bicoastal organization since its inception in 2012. Our board is comprised of folks who share a deep love for the teachings of Ma Anandamayi, for Ma Sharanam Ashram and School, and for India. We live in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Florida, Connecticut, Virginia, and California and different groups of us get together once or twice a year when Swami Gurusharanananda visits the US or we are lucky enough to travel to Ma Sharanam. We are a mixed group —  yoga teachers and business people, lifetime devotees and scholars of India, adventurers, mystics, and dreamers — who are wholeheartedly dedicated to this seva in the name of Ma Anandamayi!

Current Children of MA Foundation Board Members with Swami Gurusharanananda and Mangalananda. Lincoln, MA. Summer 2014

Children of MA Foundation Board Members with Swami Gurusharanananda and Mangalananda. Lincoln, MA. Summer 2014

Anandamayi Ma was a visionary on all levels, and this vision extended to offering women and girls opportunities that were previously unavailable, or which had Vedic precedent but had become obsolete in modern India. This included creating opportunities for them to participate in kirtan (devotional concerts), teaching them to read and write, and encouraging them to pursue higher education or monastic lives according to their callings. Following this thread, Children of Ma is particularly grateful for this opportunity to help support Indian girls to become empowered, educated, spiritually mature women.



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