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Providing spiritual education for underprivileged children

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How To Sponsor A Teacher

Our Teacher Sponsorship Program connects our supporters with a teacher of the Ma Anandamayi Ashram School, and ensures that the quality faculty will be able to remain in Omkareshwar to teach the children.
Please visit our …

How To Sponsor A Student

Sponsorships for the students through this program are sponsorships “in spirit”, in that donations go directly to the routine maintenance of the school, which makes this education and all of the other benefits of being …

Christmas Letter 2013

With appreciation and gratitude, we send warm wishes to all of our supporters and sponsors this holy season. Thank you, again and again, for believing in this work and providing such amazing opportunities for these beautiful …

Expressions of Gratitude to You from Our Teachers

  • "How can we even thank you enough for all you have contributed." ~ Teacher, Ashok Maratha, 4th grade

  • "Our first priority is thanking all those who love generously." ~ Teacher, Mohini Malviya, 1st grade

  • "For your generous help and support, many many thanks to you and your family." ~ Teacher, Pawan Dubey, 8th grade