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Children of Ma Anandamayi Foundation

Children of Ma Anandamayi Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the US which is dedicated to providing academic and spiritual education for disadvantaged children in India.

All of our work is inspired by and based on the teachings of Sri Anandamayi Ma, the Hindu saint whose name means “Bliss-Filled Mother.” To learn more about the life and teachings of Anandamayi Ma, click here!

We welcome you to our community, and we hope that you will enjoy exploring our site.

Children of Ma Anandamayi is dedicated to providing impoverished children with opportunities to learn, to be part of a thriving community, and to flourish creatively. Our primary project is Ma Sharanam Ashram and School in rural Madhya Pradesh. Ma Sharanam School was started by Swami Gurusharanananda in 2015. This is a much-needed offering in this part of India  — both boys and girls from local villages are attending classes in grades 1-8 and many are receiving a solid academic foundation for the first time. Ma Sharanam, which means “In the Shelter of Ma,”  also includes a residential hostel for boys of all ages.

Visit our Online Store to order books about Anandamayi Ma, as well as spirited kirtan CDs featuring Swami Gurusharanananda, the Hostel boys of Ma Sharanam, and Acharya Mangalananda. We will soon be offering these recordings for download… stay tuned!

Click on the Resources page  for a wealth of information about Anandamayi Ma and to find links to join our worldwide online community.

Welcome! Namaste! Jai Ma!